Weekly Buys

My recent purchases for the last few days.I am averaging down on GILD.

I bought 10 shares of GILD at $75.14 .This will add  another $18.8 to my annual dividend.

$100 worth of YUM stock in loyal3.


Fundrise Experiment

For the last one year i have been thinking of trying to invest in non traditional investments.I almost signed up lending club after reading reviews didn’t wanted to do it. After reading about Fundrise i decided to try it with small amount of capital to get the feet wet.

So the signup is straight forward .Minimum required amount is $1000.

Once you sign in you can see they have 2 types of investment options.


These  seems to fill out quickly.

As existing investor right now there are 3 more eREITS in offering.

I may participate in them.


you can see the property you want are investing .They pay quarterly dividend and just today i received my Q3 dividend.

I waited till today to post so that can i see what the dividend payout.fundrise-dividend


Q3 Dividend Payout:  It says i  received an 8% gross ann. dividend for Q3 from your Growth eREIT investment

I received a dividend of $17.09.

Weekly Buys and Sells

This week i made few buys on DRIP and a sell on robinhood App so no commission paid for the buys and sells

10/7/2016 T Bought 2 T @ $38.865 $77.73
BTG Bought 7 BTG @ $2.2675 $15.87

BTG was bought to average my price down.


10/5/16.  Sold 6 shares of NFLX  106.40 for minor profit.

These 2 shares of T will add another $3.84  to my annual dividend.



September dividend Income

Its that time of the month again.This month as  its end of the quarter and lot of companies pay this month. This month i broke a new personal record for me. For the first time i crossed 400 in dividends.Without much ado here are the companies that paid dividend for me this month.




SO  $   14.56
V  $     3.50
WMT  $     7.58
ADM  $     5.70
MSFT  $     5.58
CVX  $   26.75
TGT  $   16.63
O  $     5.04
KSS  $     8.29
BBL  $   17.36
DG  $     2.50
TROW  $   27.00
NOV  $     2.10
UNP  $   26.40
VTR  $   18.25
WFC  $   26.99
HSY  $   18.78
FLO  $   13.92
RDSA  $     0.96
RDSB  $   47.00
BCS  $     5.28
GILD  $   10.34
JNJ  $   52.58
UL  $   35.57
AMGN  $   25.17

How did every one do for the month of September.


Recent Buy 5

Last day of the month and last buy of the month , as mentioned in previous post if DG goes down i will add to my position .

So i  made following purchase.

7 Shares of DG at 73.60 for a total of 515.2

This will add 7 dollars to my annual dividend. This was busy month for me   in terms of purchases.