Recent Buy 5

Last day of the month and last buy of the month , as mentioned in previous post if DG goes down i will add to my position .

So i  made following purchase.

7 Shares of DG at 73.60 for a total of 515.2

This will add 7 dollars to my annual dividend. This was busy month for me   in terms of purchases.


Recent Buy 4

With little down in market i was able to initiate purchase in a new company .

3 share of DG at 75.64  for a total of $227. Which will add around $ 3 to Annual dividend.

I will keep adding  DG if it comes down more.


Recent Buys Part2

I have been making small purchases for last2 weeks.

so here are details.

8/17/2016 BTG Bought 13 BTG @ $3.2592 $42.37
8/17/2016 TGT Bought 1 TGT @ $71.30 $71.30
8/10/2016 BTG Bought 125 BTG @ $3.5962 $449.53

Recent Buy

Its becoming more difficult to find decently valued stocks,Still i was able to buy  TROW.This is my 2nd big purchase of TROW.



This purchase will add additional $54 to my annual income.No transaction fees on the purchase as i  have some free trades with Scottrade.


Weekly Buys – 7/27/16

Finally after holding for a long time from making big buys ,i bought GILD ,trow ,YUM,AXP.

Here are the details of my purchases

  • 7/27     4 shares of TROW at 69.13 ,lowering my average price .
  • 7/26    2.2 shares of YUM at 90.12
  • 7/26   22 shares of GILD at 81.22
  • 7/27   1.5 shares of AXP at 64.54.

Overall it will add 55.72 dollars to my annual dividend.

Total invested for this week is 2363 ,out this 100 was courtesy of applying for fidelity credit card where with first purchase they gave me $100 to deposit in my roth ira.