Novermber Dividend Income

Time is flying off and  one more month in the books.This month i received  dividend income from following stocks.

CAT     38.94
DE       15.12
PG       16.74
O          5.05
aapl     1.24
AXP     2.47
T             19.2
YUM     4.69
VZ      14.44
TIS          0.7

This  month i received a total of 118 .59.

Weekly Buys and Sells

This week after some time i selling 2 of my non dividend paying stocks. I made small buys this week.

11/16/2016 T Bought 1 Shares of T at $36.387 ($36.39)
11/16/2016 BTG Bought 11 Shares of BTG at $2.3576 ($25.93)


I made some profit on both these stocks.


This will add another $4 to my annual dividend.

Drip Buys and Stock Split(YUM)

This friday after a long time i dripped  and averaged down on 1 company and slowly increasing the count in other company.
11/4/2016 T Bought 1 Shares of T at $36.4298

11/4/2016 BTG Bought 3 Shares of BTG at $2.9668

YUM company split into 2 separate companies and  started trading.

with new purchases this will add another $1.96 to my annual fund.

October Dividend Income

Time for the favorite post of the month,This month seems to be one of the lowest total month in terms of dividend paid. But my passive income is higher due to opening a bank account that paid a good $300 .


I has good year over year growth due to adding additional funds .

Companies that paid dividend to me this  month  are listed below.

O 5.05
BNS 23.51
CSCO 13.26
CXW 27.54
STWD 52.84
KO 6.99
KHC 4.98



Passive income from opening bank Account: 300.

Total income for this month : 434

So how did everyone do this month,



Weekly Buys

My recent purchases for the last few days.I am averaging down on GILD.

I bought 10 shares of GILD at $75.14 .This will add  another $18.8 to my annual dividend.

$100 worth of YUM stock in loyal3.


Fundrise Experiment

For the last one year i have been thinking of trying to invest in non traditional investments.I almost signed up lending club after reading reviews didn’t wanted to do it. After reading about Fundrise i decided to try it with small amount of capital to get the feet wet.

So the signup is straight forward .Minimum required amount is $1000.

Once you sign in you can see they have 2 types of investment options.


These  seems to fill out quickly.

As existing investor right now there are 3 more eREITS in offering.

I may participate in them.


you can see the property you want are investing .They pay quarterly dividend and just today i received my Q3 dividend.

I waited till today to post so that can i see what the dividend payout.fundrise-dividend


Q3 Dividend Payout:  It says i  received an 8% gross ann. dividend for Q3 from your Growth eREIT investment

I received a dividend of $17.09.

Weekly Buys and Sells

This week i made few buys on DRIP and a sell on robinhood App so no commission paid for the buys and sells

10/7/2016 T Bought 2 T @ $38.865 $77.73
BTG Bought 7 BTG @ $2.2675 $15.87

BTG was bought to average my price down.


10/5/16.  Sold 6 shares of NFLX  106.40 for minor profit.

These 2 shares of T will add another $3.84  to my annual dividend.



September dividend Income

Its that time of the month again.This month as  its end of the quarter and lot of companies pay this month. This month i broke a new personal record for me. For the first time i crossed 400 in dividends.Without much ado here are the companies that paid dividend for me this month.




SO  $   14.56
V  $     3.50
WMT  $     7.58
ADM  $     5.70
MSFT  $     5.58
CVX  $   26.75
TGT  $   16.63
O  $     5.04
KSS  $     8.29
BBL  $   17.36
DG  $     2.50
TROW  $   27.00
NOV  $     2.10
UNP  $   26.40
VTR  $   18.25
WFC  $   26.99
HSY  $   18.78
FLO  $   13.92
RDSA  $     0.96
RDSB  $   47.00
BCS  $     5.28
GILD  $   10.34
JNJ  $   52.58
UL  $   35.57
AMGN  $   25.17

How did every one do for the month of September.