DRIP Buys and dividend Hikes

It has been slow for last few days .Just updating my small  purchases for the last 2 weeks.

  • 2 shares of FLO at 18.73 this will add $1.28  for my fund
  • 2 shares of SO at 47.79 this will add another 4.48 to my annual fund.

To Buy these stocks no new funds were invested ,just the Dividends re-harvested.


Dividend Hikes:

  • KO increased dividend to $0.37 from $0.35.This will add 1.68 to my annual fund.
  • CSCO increased dividend by .03 cents/share  and this add another $6 to my dividend fund.


Recent Buys -AGNC

New month started and i bought the following stocks using my dividends for last  few months. Its a high dividend Yield stock and Monthly dividend payer.This is my second Monthly Paying stock.

This will add another $32.4  to my annual dividend  fund.


Symbol AGNC
Shares + 15.000
Price 18.645
Amount -$279.68

Another Buys  are in my retirement account

Date SYMBOL Shares Price Total Dividend
2/1/2017 VFIAX 3.6805 212.27 781.26 15.3256
2/1/2017 VSIAX 14.7627 52.92 781.24 13.58168

This adds another $29 to my annual dividend Fund. So total of $62 added to my Annual Dividend.


January Dividend Income

For the last 4 years  the dividend income  keep increasing either due to additional investments or dividend increases.

For this month 8  companies paid dividend.

Here is the  list companies.

Date Company Dividend
1/13/2017 O 5.06
1/25/2017 CSCO 13.26
1/30/2017 BNS 23.96
1/3/2017 WMT 8.27
1/11/2017 DIS 32.6
1/4/2017 DG 2.5
1/13/2017 STWD 53.28
1/13/2017 CXW 21.42


Additional dividend income from fund rise is $12.24

Total dividends for the month of January is  $172.59.

2014 2015 2016 2017
Jan 0 0 43.13 172.59

It  is nice year over year growth.

So how did you guys do it this month.

Dividend Cut 73% Eric and Dividend Hike O

As the title says ERIC cut dividend 73%  ,this made a big dent in my yearly income,needs to  find additional investments to meet my goal for this year. The stock went up 3% after this news today.

In other news o announced a dividend Hike of 6% from   $0.2105 per share from $0.2025 /share.



Weekly Buys 1/23/2017

Since my last buy post i added stocks to my existing positions some of them drip buys.

  • I added 2 Shares of TGT at the cost of $65.87/share ,this will add another $4.80 to my annual dividend.
  • I added 3.73 Shares of VFIAX at the cost of $209.04/share .This will add another $15.2 to my annual dividend.
  • I added 15.05 shares of VSIAX at the cost of $51.90/share. This will add another $13.5 to my annual Dividend.

In total close to 1700 dollars were invested and this will add a total of $35 to my annual dividend.

First Buy of 2017

New Year started and Here is the first buy of the season and its a well known company in the Dividend World,recent buyers include mydividendpipeline inspired by them i decided to add some shares of this company.It was either VFC or KMB.

I added 52 shares of VFC @52.65 +7.95 in commission.

This will add another $87.36 dollars to my annual dividend.
This year i set a high goal for dividend income .

2017 Goals

2016 is gone and 2017 is here.
I started documenting my financial journey in early April of 2016,i was investing before but not in dividend world and not regularly.So i just had 2 goals for 2016.

Goal 1: Was to achieve at least $5000 in dividends across my portfolio.
Final tally was above that and i am happy for it.

Goal 2: was increase net worth at least by 7% .
Result: Final increase was double of it.It was helped by nice run in Market and some good savings.

2017 Goals:
Dividend Income: Increase my dividend income from all accounts to $8000 a year.This is really pushing it.I expect some of it from dividend increases and Drip buys and mostly from new investments .

Net worth Increase: After last year performance,i would like to push for a 10% growth in it.

Health Goals: This is a new one for me and i would like to seriously try this one.loose atleast 10 pounds of weight for the year. Improve my average step count for the year.My Current 28 day average is 7k steps ,I would like to achieve an additional 1k Average for the year.

December Dividend Income

Final income post of year 2016.Its a Good month for December 2016.

TradeDate Symbol Amount
12/2/2016 SBUX 6.25
12/6/2016 SO 14.56
12/6/2016 V 4.13
12/7/2016 adm 5.7
12/8/2016 MSFT 6.05
12/12/2016 CVX 27
12/12/2016 TGT 17.23
12/15/2016 ko 7.2
12/15/2016 O 5.05
12/16/2016 KHC 4.98
12/16/2016 NOV 2.1
12/21/2016 KSS 8.29
12/29/2016 UNP 29.04
12/29/2016 TROW 27.54
12/30/2016 VTR 19.38
12/01/2016 WFC 28.89
12/06/2016 JNJ 52.58
12/08/2016 UL 35.72
12/08/2016 AMGN 25.17
12/15/2016 HSY 18.78
12/16/2016 RDSB 47
12/16/2016 FLO 22.4
12/16/2016 RDSA 0.98
12/29/2016 GILD 15.04

it has been nice year over year growth.

Final Buys and sells for 2016

This would be final buys and Sell post of the year 2016,As mentioned in my previous posts i am eligible for employee 401k ,even though there is no match i am willing to put money in it and the fund options seems to be all right. I picked Vanguard for their low expense ratio.
I eliminated a non dividend paying stock from positions to compensate for some gains in other sells.

12/27/2016 BOJA Sold 43 Shares of BOJA at $19.122 $815.24
Total loss on this stock is $360.

Some of the buys are scheduled are
$750 worth of Vanguard 500 Index Fund Admiral Class.
$750 worth of Vanguard Small Cap Value Index Fund – Admiral Class.

lets hope everyone will keep continuing their dividend journey.

Happy New Year.

Weekly Buys

Merry Christmas and happy holidays ,how quick did we get the year end,
This month i am still investing in the funds rather than individual stocks.The buys for this month are the same 2 funds i invested earlier.

9 shares of Vanguard Small Cap Value Index Fund – Admiral Class at 53.22
2.3 shares of Vanguard 500 Index Fund – Admiral Class at 210.70